Your Emergency Dentist: What to Expect

Dental emergencies can happen at any time and can be caused by various factors, from accidents to dental decay. Fortunately, if you are experiencing a dental emergency, our excellent dentist, Dr. Glen Stephenson, is ready to help as an emergency dentist here in Boise and Meridian, Idaho. At Prevention Dental, Dr. Stephenson and his team strive to provide the best care for each patient, including patients in need of emergency dental care. Our dental clinic understands the urgency of dental emergencies and is devoted to providing our patients with quick and effective treatments. 

At our office, we can help you with tooth injuries, like a knocked-out tooth, broken or chipped tooth, or tooth decay. Our dentist can also treat gum abscesses, severe toothaches, and cold sores. We are devoted to helping each of our patients who are experiencing any pain in their teeth, gums, or jaw. 

Searching for a dentist to treat you on a regular dental check-up appointment or a dental emergency can be difficult. Still, our office offers a dentist who is there for every patient, whether you are experiencing a dental emergency or need preventative dental treatments. In this blog post, we will share the qualities that make an excellent emergency dentist and how Dr. Glen Stephenson can help you during your dental emergency. 

Emergency Dentist at Prevention Dental

Emergency dentists play a significant role in helping our smiles, especially when something goes wrong, and you need emergency care. With our excellent dentist, Dr. Glen Stephenson, and his team, you can get same-day care if you are experiencing a dental emergency. However, when looking for an emergency dentist, knowing they possess the qualities necessary to help your smile is essential!

  1. Expertise: Dr. Glen Stephenson and his team are highly trained and experienced, with expertise in handling dental emergencies. We understand that emergencies require urgent attention and a greater level of skill, and that’s why we have a team of professionals who can efficiently diagnose and treat your dental problem. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure you get the best possible care.
  2. Availability: Our team at our office understands that dental emergencies happen randomly. That’s why we strive to ensure immediate care for anyone who calls our office, and we will work to see you on the same day as your call. We’ll make every effort to schedule you for an emergency appointment as soon as possible so you don’t have to suffer from dental pain for too long. However, it is essential to note that we can get you in sooner with calls that are earlier in the day. Regardless of when you call, however, we will work with you to help you with your dental emergency. 
  3. Compassionate Care: We understand that dental emergencies can be stressful and uncomfortable. That’s why we provide compassionate care to all our patients. Our friendly and supportive team will put you at ease and make you feel comfortable throughout the process. Our dentist will work with you to ensure the most comfortable experience throughout your dental appointment. We’ll take the time to explain your treatment options and answer any questions you may have. We want you to feel confident that you’re in good hands.
  4. Affordable: Emergency dental should be accessible for everyone, and we strive to ensure everyone has access to high-quality dental care at our office. We will work with you to develop a treatment plan that won’t break your wallet so you don’t have to sacrifice quality care for cost. We also proudly provide an in-office dental plan with low monthly prices to help our patients further receive the care they need without stressing about their finances. 
  5. Comprehensive Care: When you come in for a dental emergency, we will provide complete care for you. A comprehensive treatment plan means many emergency treatments, including tooth extractions, root canal therapy, and emergency restorative procedures. We aim to provide the best possible treatment to alleviate your pain and restore your dental health. 

What to Expect During Your Emergency Dental Appointment

Dental emergencies are always a scary moment in our lives. Still, with the care from our dentist here in Boise and Meridian, Idaho, we can help you get through it with the provided knowledge on what to expect during your emergency dental appointment.

  1. Exam: When you first come in for your emergency dental visit, Dr. Stephenson will begin the appointment with a thorough dental exam. He will look at your gums and teeth to figure out what exactly happened and what is causing the pain. Once there is a diagnosis, he will provide options and recommendations to help best heal your smile. Procedures that may occur include a simple filling or a root canal procedure, depending on the severity of the issues. 
  2. Emergency Dentist: Emergency dentists differ from regular dentists in that they are fully equipped to handle urgent dental issues. However, Dr. Glen Stephenson is an emergency dentist and a general and family dentist at his office in Boise. As he strives to learn all he needs about dentistry for his patients, he has learned to handle dental emergencies and has specialized tools to help deal with any dental crisis more efficiently. 
  3. Personalized Treatment: You will receive a customized treatment plan when you visit our office for your dental emergency. We ensure full, proper accommodation for our patients who need immediate attention. With our excellent team, you can receive treatment specific to you and your needs, whether you need a quick filling for a small cavity or a more extensive procedure. We are there for you every step of the way and will ensure a comforting experience with a full explanation of your treatment options. 
  4. Levels of Pain: When one thinks of visiting an emergency dentist, the first thought is that you must be in severe pain to see the dentist. However, this is only sometimes the case. You may be experiencing a mild toothache, are concerned about it worsening, or have noticed a loose or cracked tooth. Visiting an emergency dentist for minor issues can prevent it from getting worse. By catching dental problems early, you’ll be able to save time and money and avoid any further complications.
  5. Peace of Mind: The most significant advantage of seeing our emergency dentist is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re receiving immediate care. Regardless of the severe issues, an emergency dentist will provide treatment quickly, efficiently, and professionally, which can make all the difference in alleviating your pain and providing relief. 

Emergency Dentist in Boise and Meridian, ID

At Prevention Dental, we strive to provide quick, efficient, and compassionate care to patients experiencing a dental emergency and those coming into our office for regular visits. Dr. Stephenson is a trained and experienced dentist devoted to ensuring same-day emergency care for each patient, as he understands that a dental emergency must be treated that same day. With high-quality care at our office, you can get the treatment you need without breaking the bank and finally relieve your oral pain. 

Whether it’s a toothache, a broken tooth, or any other dental emergency, you can trust us to handle it with experience and care. Dental emergencies can be an unnerving experience, but knowing what to expect and knowing that you will be in good hands, you can rest easy and know you’ll be alright. Contact us today to schedule your emergency appointment and relieve your oral pain.