Dentures in Boise, ID

dentures boise Full and Partial Dentures

Due to the different foods and drinks we consume, how we treat our teeth, and aging, it is natural for our teeth to become weakened. Good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent dental problems, and at Prevention Dental in Boise, Idaho, we offer several different restorative options. If you are missing multiple teeth or even the majority of your teeth, there is still a way to restore your smile. We offer full and partial dentures to all qualifying patients. If you are interested in learning more about dentures or even getting this restorative procedure done, please continue reading! If you have any questions about dentures afterward, please feel free to contact us. 

When you express interest in dentures, Dr. Glen Stephenson will help determine whether full or partial dentures will be most beneficial to you. There are different qualifications for each treatment, and we have listed them below! 

Full Dentures

Full dentures are what you hear about and see on T.V. They consist of two full prosthetic arches of teeth and gums. These arches rest on your jaw and are removable at the end of the day. These arches allow your jaw to do its job, giving you a complete facelift and stopping your face muscles from sagging. Full dentures are for individuals missing the majority of their teeth. You need to have a strong jaw bone to have the proper support. 

Full dentures are often only for older patients; however, a broader age group utilizes dentures. The use of full dentures will allow you to speak and chew properly again. We make sure the dentures are made to your exact specifications, ensuring a more comfortable fit.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are for those who have only a few missing teeth, often right in a row. If you still have some strong, healthy teeth left, partial dentures are the best way to restore your smile. Partial dentures also contain prosthetic gums and teeth, but we secure them in your mouth with metal clasps and a customized framework. We will design your teeth to your desired specifications. 

With partial dentures, you have the option of having them be permanent or removable. If you decide on the removable option, it will act like a retainer that goes in and out of your mouth. If you go with the permanent option, it will depend on the number of teeth left in your mouth. We can attach partial dentures with dental implants, crowns, or bridges. The dentist will work with you to help you determine what will be most beneficial for you. 

Benefits of Dentures in Boise

  • We make full and partial dentures with the highest quality materials. They can withstand all of the forces that our mouths deal with daily. 
  • Maintenance for both appliances is simple and easy. 
  • Dentures help restore your smile, but also your face structure. Without teeth, our jaw can begin to deteriorate. Dentures give your jaw a purpose again and can completely lift your face and help you avoid sagging. 
  • You will again speak normally and enjoy all of your favorite foods. 
  • We will restore your confidence tenfold! 

Here at Prevention Dental, we value each patient, and we want to help you reach your smile’s full potential. If you are interested in dentures, whether full or partial, please give us a call today! We would love to have you in our office for a consultation to see what will benefit you the most. Come see us today if you are in or near Boise, Idaho!