Restorative Dentistry in Boise, ID

restorative dentistry boise Located in Boise, Idaho, Prevention Dental offers a wide range of different dental services, including cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, and emergency dentistry. We also offer restorative dentistry procedures in Boise to improve both your health and your smile. 

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry refers to dental procedures that replace and repair teeth that are missing or considerably damaged. The goal of these procedures is to improve your ability to chew and reduce or eliminate any oral pain or discomfort. Closely related to restorative dentistry is cosmetic dentistry. The main difference between these two services is that restorative dentistry focuses on improving and maintaining your oral health and functionality, whereas cosmetic dentistry is more concerned with making aesthetic changes to improve the appearance of your smile, rather than addressing health concerns. 

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry has two purposes:

  1. To improve and maintain your oral health
  2. To optimize the functionality of your teeth

Damaged teeth can cause pain and low self-esteem. If left unaddressed for too long, it can impact not just your oral health, but your overall health and wellbeing. Missing and damaged teeth can also make chewing challenging and can easily be corrected with the help of implants, bridges, or dentures.  

Restorative Dental Procedures in Boise, ID

With several different types of restorative dentistry procedures, Dr. Stephenson of Prevention Dental can work with you to find the perfect solution. Some of the most popular restorative procedures include:

  • Dental fillings. The most frequently performed restorative dentistry procedure is filling cavities. Cavities are caused by tooth decay, which occurs when plaque forms on the surface of your teeth and erodes the enamel. If a cavity is not filled, the tooth and surrounding teeth are at risk of being further damaged, causing pain and making the solution more complex than filling the cavity early in the first place. 
  • Dental implants. For a more permanent solution to missing teeth, dental implants are the best choice. A dental implant is a titanium model of the root of a tooth that is inserted into the jawbone where the missing tooth was once anchored. An artificial tooth is then attached to the implant.
  • Dentures. Though dentures are often associated with older adults, they can be a solution for anyone. Full dentures replace all teeth, while partial dentures are designed to fit in with the natural teeth. Partial dentures allow you to keep your remaining natural teeth without having to worry about them moving. 
  • Bridges and crowns. Unlike dentures, tooth bridges and dental crowns do not include artificial gums and are not removable. Bridges close the gap between one or more teeth by cementing themselves to natural teeth. Crowns cover an existing damaged tooth, though they can also be placed on implants. 

All restorative procedures are meant to create a natural-looking smile. Any implants, dentures, or crowns will be made to match any existing teeth, in both shape and color. Chipped teeth fall under cosmetic dentistry, as a chipped tooth does not affect comfort, health or functionality. Other cosmetic procedures include teeth whitening, contouring, and veneers. To find out which restorative dentistry procedure is right for you in Boise, ID, contact Prevention Dental today.