Partial & Removable Dentures, What to Expect


Are you thinking about getting partial or removable dentures in Boise, Idaho? Perhaps your dentist has recommended this possibility for your needs. Here is some of the information you might need to be aware of about this option before determining whether it is the right fit for you. 

What Are Removable Or Partial Dentures? 

These are typically replacement teeth that tend to be attached to either a gum-colored or pink plastic base. Your dentist in Boise, Idaho will design your dentures based on your individual needs and requirements. In some cases, this type of denture may have a metal framework. This will include clasps which will connect to teeth that are already there. Alternatively, these connective points can look significantly more natural and discreet. These will be precision clasps. 

You may require crowns for your natural teeth to ensure that the new dentures fit the right way. However, this is not always necessary. 

If you choose the precision clasps you may need to pay a slightly higher price than the metal options that are a little less discreet. 

Things To Expect

If you are choosing to get partial or removable dentures from your Boise, Idaho dentist, there are a few things that you should expect. For instance, when you first wear the dentures, you might find that the device feels a little bulky and unnatural. After all, this is something that you are fitting in your mouth so it is going to feel a tad off. 

Inserting or removing the partial dentures yourself could also cause slight issues at first. However, your dentist will be able to show you the correct ways to handle this. After practice, you’ll find it a lot easier. You just need to make sure that you use the instructions that your dentists provides. You should never try and force the dentures in through the process of biting down. 

Wearing Your Dentures

Your dentist will provide you information on how long you should wear the dentures for as well as when they should be removed. You might need to wear your dentures all the time at first and this can be a little uncomfortable. However, it’s the best way to find out what areas require adjustments and ensure that you do get the right fit. 

For instance, your dentures could be putting too much pressure on a particular area. This might lead to that spot becoming sore and so your dentist will ensure that this is corrected quickly. 

There are plenty of big benefits of getting these types of partial and removable dentures from your dentist in Boise, Idaho. However, one of the most significant advantages is that it will greatly improve your ability to eat. At first, you should focus on soft foods and small pieces. You should aim to keep the same level of pressure on both sides. 

Another benefit is that it will likely improve your ability to talk as well. You might find it difficult to verbalize certain words at first however, with practice, this will become far easier. 

We hope this helps you understand what to expect with your new dentures.