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Are You Searching For A General Dentist?

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A general dentist is someone who looks after overall oral health and hygiene and the maintenance of your teeth and gums. A general dentist is a dental healthcare expert and can cater to patients of all ags, from birth to senior years. Their training spans numerous dental procedures, and your Boise dentist is going to be able to assess your oral hygiene and help you to create a treatment plan that works for you.

Family dentists can look after the whole family, and a general dentist is able to do the same thing. Some of the procedures that a general dentist can perform include:

Preventative Care

Almost every time you see a dentist, the work that they perform on you is preventative. It’s designed to ensure that you don’t actually need the help of a dentist. The care that your dentist gives you when you are in the chair is there to help you avoid any decay and issues over time. Patients can also be advised to keep up with their appointments, and a general dentist will watch your dental health very closely. With appointments with the hygienist, you can have your teeth cleaned regularly enough that you won’t require extensive dental care.

Gum Issues

You may know this, but your gums and their health play a big part in your general health and wellbeing. Gum disease is linked to diabetes and heart issues, and if you have the right Boise dentist, you can avoid any of those issues.


Your smile shows a lot about you and your personality and sometimes, your dental needs are cosmetic and not preventative. At Prevention Dental, you’ll find a Boise dentist who can help you with your teeth even when crooked or stained. From whitening procedures to veneers, you can capture the smile that you want at long last! Along with these, you can get help with crowns, bonding and bridges, and they’re all designed to help.


For the seniors in the family, dentures can be the only option available. A complete set could be everything needed to help your gums and teeth to look as natural as possible. They can substitute your regular teeth and keep you biting through those apples as you please!

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With a general Boise dentist, you are going to get the best possible care for your oral hygiene. You’ll keep your teeth in the best possible shape, and you can ensure that your gums are healthy, too. Take the time to book an appointment and you will be able to see what your teeth can offer you in the future. The right dentist can keep you healthy from top to bottom, and all because they are looking after your teeth for you! Contact us today and let’s get your oral health assessed. We believe in giving you the best smile for your future!