About Prevention Dental

If you’re looking for a dentist who can provide high quality dental care in the Hidden Springs area, Prevention Dental will cater to all of your needs. Our brand new office in Boise caters to many local areas, providing a stunning facility to have comfortable dental services that you can have confidence in.


As you enter our dental clinic, you’ll be greeted by a friendly receptionist who can check you in and answer any questions that you may have. You will then be seated in our state of the art waiting room, where you can kick, back and relax. Whether that means reading a magazine or watching TV, you’re bound to feel at ease right away.


Our main concern at Prevention Dental is keeping dental problems at bay. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and this is a saying we’re happy to stand by. Our dentist will not only be able to take a look at your mouth and overall dental health, but they will be able to offer the best advice in regards to preventing issues such as gum disease, decay and other dental problems arising. Not only does this ensure your long term, oral health, but it can also help to keep costs low, as you’ll be more likely to avoid larger and more expensive procedures.


About Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs is a beautiful, rural community that was built in the tradition of Idaho’s small towns. The town manages to create a bustling and friendly community with all of the amenities of modern day life while still carefully preserving the natural surroundings of Dry Creek Valley. With over 800 acres of permanent open space, this is an ideal space to spend time in if you love nature and the outdoors.


The whole spirit and ethos of Hidden Springs is based on eight founding principles, laid out by Hidden Springs’ founders and maintained by Hidden Springs’ residents. These eight principles are:


  1. Rural character and farming traditions – open space is used for agricultural purposes where appropriate. Older out buildings are also seamlessly incorporated into Hidden Springs’ landscape design.
  2. Small town – Hidden Springs is the epitome of small town living
  3. Natural environment – as we’ve highlighted above, Hidden Springs is great if you love nature. All residents respect the natural environment they’re living in.
  4. Traditional homes – homes in Hidden Springs are built to be comfortable and long lasting. They use energy efficiently and responsibly while still looking great.
  5. Quality of life and healthy living – Hidden Springs has a high quality of life and residents are encouraged to lead the healthiest lifestyles they can.
  6. Education – education is so important and this is why Hidden Springs has educational facilities and schools on site. This is a community that promotes lifelong learning opportunities.
  7. Diversity – Hidden Springs has a wide variety of homes on offer, so a wide range of individuals of different ages, from different backgrounds and on different incomes can live side by side.
  8. Values – this community revolves around enrichment, enjoyment and value for everyone living there and for many generations to come.